How can I become an Inkipedia Curator?

Send an email to execdir@soicmember.com with your contact information and a little bit about your background. If you have a particular area in which you would like to concentrate or if you have WordPress experience, please be sure to include the details.

How do I refer to or comment on an item in Inkipedia?

The easiest way is to simply copy the URL of the item and paste into an email or your document. If you want to get information to the curator team, send the email and comments to feedback@inkwellresearch.com For feedback, you’ll also find a link on each item page that you can utilize.

How do I submit an item to Inkipedia?

There are two ways currently.

SOIC’s Inkipedia is here for members to enjoy and conduct research. Each category is intended to showcase the finest representations, and submissions are juried accordingly. Your submissions are welcome!

Please provide quality, high resolution (minimum 300 dpi), sharply focused, images (4 to 5 are ideal) that show the key features of the inkwell. For example, images might show the front, back, labels, markings, and open/close options. Close-ups are welcome if they are clear, but often it is better to provide sharp, whole-item images that can be enlarged and cropped. Use bright lighting without glare. Use plain, simple backgrounds. Unless the items are a matched set, there should be only one item per photo.

In Inkipedia, if a member wants credit for their photo, their name, not their selling site, will appear in the body of the description of the item. The suggested entry would be “From the Collection of……”

Please rename the images with an indication of the maker or other descriptive information (like “leather travel inkwell_1.jpg”), not just “IMG123”. Give multiple images of the same item a sequence number.

Please identify the Category, then provide as much of the Item information that you know:

  • Type
  • Material
  • Designer / Maker
  • Markings
  • Origin
  • Label
  • Date / Era
  • Dimensions
  • Description (as detailed as necessary)

Method 1: Send submissions to: curator@inkwellresearch.com

Method 2: Go to the SOICmember site and upload your pictures and information via the Inkipedia Candidate photos page and include as much of the above information in the picture’s caption field, which will appear under a picture once it is uploaded.

NOTE: By submitting images, you agree that the images can be watermarked, and the watermarked images become the property of the Society of Inkwell Collectors (SOIC) and are strictly for the use within SOIC’s Inkipedia catalog and SOIC social media. Please do not submit copyrighted images unless you own the copyright, and are giving permission for the SOIC to use the image. SOIC reserves the right to include, reject, or reassign items according to the designated Inkipedia categories.

Thank you for sharing your exceptional items for the benefit of all SOIC members!

Inkipedia Navigation?

To view by Category select from the menu at the left of the page.

Use the search field to look for specific content. Select “Search in specific categories to open the search fields and narrow the search to within a specific category.

All top menu hot links except Inkipedia will direct you to the soicmember.com website.