Tiffany Model #1183
American Indian pattern

Indian symbols (owls) and imagery (rain &storm), with design patterns and elements of American Indian rugs and pottery.

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Bohemian Art Glass

Austrian origin, marked HANSA wirth D.R.P. also D.R.G.M.

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Brass & glass. Help us identify this example. What’s under the lid? Who made this?

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Stags Head
Double inkpots

German, Circa 1890. Marked WMF on underside of base. Two lovely facetted cranberry glass inkpots with brass covers.

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The Society of Inkwell Collectors (SOIC)

Founded in 1981 by Vince McGraw

The Society of Inkwell Collectors (SOIC) continues to be dedicated to:

  • the establishment and enhancement of collecting inkwells and writing accessories as a hobby,
  • the study of inkwell design and manufacture across periods and materials, and
  • the scholarly study of the role of inkwells and writing accessories in history.

The SOIC is an international organization that provides its members with an opportunity to meet, communicate, and share information with inkwell collectors worldwide.

The SOIC is led by an unpaid Board of Directors and staffed by other dedicated volunteers, that make up our Leadership Team.

The Power of the Pen

Until the advent of fountain pens in the late 19th century, writing was done with a dip pen into a container of ink. For around 4 thousand years, the pen and inkwell recorded the world’s history, its successes, and its failures… the lives of everyday people, and the declarations of nations. They were found on the desks of bankers, and in the packs of soldiers…with heads of state, and heads of religion. They poured forth novels and poems and histories and art.

They were part of our lives. They recorded our lives. They changed our lives.

They are still found in our world today if you take a look…

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This group is for anyone interested in inkwells and other writing and desk accessories. It’s a place to share information, pictures, and the love of writing history.